A free app every day – ABC FLASH CARDS MAZE TILT

Kwiecień 30, 2013

For all young fans of mazes. ABC Flash Cards Maze Tilt is here! Enjoy as long as the free offer lasts.
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Peekaboo Guess Who – a free app today!

Kwiecień 29, 2013

Today’s free app is Peekaboo Guess Who by Bacciz. It is aimed at the youngest kids (toddlers) but thanks to multiple difficulty settings it can also be used by slightly older kids.
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A Free App for Kids Every Day: Little Finder by Innovative Mobile Apps

Czerwiec 21, 2012

A simple game teaching names of various objects. Listen to the object’s name and find it on the screen. You can also play with an oponent (the screen is divided in 2 opposite boards). Rated 81/100.

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A Free App for Kids Every Day: Lola’s HD Train

Czerwiec 20, 2012

Lola’s HD Train is a free app with a set of activities to help children learn the alphabet: good concept, illustrations, overall quality of the app, 5 language versions in one app included. Simple rewards system.

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